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CTC Electronic Unveils New Touchscreen Dual Nozzle 3D Printer, The BIZER III

ctc-electronics-3d-printer-2As an international 3D printing platform with over 350 printers and 10,000 users registered from 160 countries, 3D Hubs compiles valuable statistics on international 3D printing markets and releases a monthly report on global 3D printing trends that is considered an authority in the industry. To kick off the new year, 3D Hubs reports that China’s Zhuhai CTC Electronic Company is ranked second on 3D Hubs’ list of desktop printers in itsJanuary 2015 report. But that’s not all: CTC Electronic has also just announced its worldwide launch of a touchscreen dual nozzle 3D printer–the CTC FDM BIZER III – that is the latest in its core product Bizer printer series. This announcement of a new printer is sure to lock in the company’s dominant position in China as it grows internationally; in fact, CTC Electronic just opened a London office to facilitate its European expansion.




Selling at $1300 USD, this new printer is considered a great improvement in many categories when compared to its predecessor, the CTC FDM BIZER II. Made of steel to increase stability and designed with transparent acrylic, a touchscreen LED control panel (available in English or Chinese) now replaces the older model’s button panel. CTC Electronic’s Public Relations director, Siyi He, summarizes these improvements:

“CTC Electronic has massively improved the software and hardware of the open source technology used by Makerbot. The control software has been significantly transformed in CTC BIZER III. The highly user-friendly interactive interface has greatly lowered the bar for 3D printing operation.”

The printer’s operation bar may be lowered, making it more user-friendly, but the printer’s design and advanced technology raises the bar in many important areas. The big news here is the printer’s dual nozzle technology. CTC Electronic has an India-based research and development department, with over 60 technicians, that has developed proprietary technology aligning two color print heads. This “intelligent misalignment detection CSN technology” eliminates a single print head’s time lags and scratches. This technology also eliminates mutual interference caused by a double print head, which supposedly provides a much smoother dual nozzle print experience.

The new printer, which is 12.6″ x 18.3″x 15″ also boasts the following specifications: a maximum print size of 11″ x 5.7″ x 5.9″; a minimum thickness of 0.0039-0.0197 inches; print materials capacity of 1.75mm in ABS, PLA, PC, rubber and wood; and it connects using an SD card, or via USB.  As for the price, it is currently being offered at a $100 discount of just $1,300.

CTC Electronic was the first Chinese company to take a leap into the world of 3D printer manufacturing, and it now runs the world’s largest desktop 3D printer manufacturing facility that includes the world’s most advanced light-curing manufacturing environment. Company president, Yang Yusheng, explains the company’s success as follows:

“I think the reason why 3D printers made by CTC Electronic can have a place in the market is that, as early as 2009, we had put together an international technical team, where our members had already achieved much in the field of 3D core technologies. Besides, the firm’s accumulation of marketing channels for 2D printing supplies over the years constituted an advantage for the promotion of its 3D products over other manufacturers.”

While desktop printer manufacturing appears to provide the company’s product backbone, ctc3CTC Electronic is positioned to grow and diversify its product lines in areas including: industrial manufacturing, digital entertainment, aeronautics and astronautics, cultural and creative, biomedicals, national defense, construction engineering, consumer goods, and personalization.

The company also plans to diversify its international market access. Plans for continued expansion are only confirmed by the company’s mid-February announcement of its opening of a 4,000 square foot London office, which it is using to launch the firm’s formal entry into the European market. Public Relations director, Siyi He, explains the company’s outreach and growth strategy is ultimately inspired by Americans:

“China has always regarded the American market as the benchmark and the American 3D manufacturers as the model that Chinese 3D start-ups should learn from and emulate. As the American and Chinese markets become ever more similar to each other, a 3D printer that has gained traction and been successful in America is quite certain to be a profitable product or a source of inspiration for China’s 3D development once introduced to China.”

These past few weeks have been epic for the company, with the 3D Hubs’ ranking, opening of a London-based office, and the launch of a new desktop printer that CTC Electronic hopes to make popular in Europe and America as well.

If you want to check out China’s latest contribution to desktop 3D printing, the  CTC FDM BIZER III can be purchased now on the company’s website here.  Let us know your thoughts on all of this news in the CTC Electronic BIZER III forum thread on 3DPB.com.