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Formaker Was Back On Kickstarter


We are pleased to announce that we have re-launched our Formaker campaign again on Kickstarter  on Sep 1st. Although we had experienced some difficult days last month for this compaign. we never give up as we really want to share this amazing product with all our pre-backers on Kickstarter and all the customers .

Please check the link blow and find more details:

From the very beginning we wanted a precise multi-function printer. We have excellent results from our 3D printers and have been tested through the years with our customers. With a simple tool change you can now convert the machine to a full machining center for the home or office.




                                               3D PRINTING

The CTC Formaker is made of metal and provides excellent stability for high precision. The structure is very robust, and provides high mechanical repeat-ability.

The CTC Formaker provides:

Dual Head 3D Printer. Our Best 3-D Printer! Compatible with (PLA, Carbon Fiber PLA, ABS, Wood, Poly Carbonate, and Ninja Flex.) 

CNC Mill/Lathe. Compatible with (Wood, Acrylic, Lexan, Brass, Aluminum, Plastics) 

Laser Engraver (Wood, Leather, Soft Metal, Plastics, and Acrylic)

  • PCB Etcher (Brass, Aluminum, Copper) 

The CTC Formaker is very easy to use and all the controls are built into the Touchscreen Display. Simply a few touches to tell the machine which operation its going to use, and you're done. The CTC Formaker could be the manufacturing center that your business or hobby needs!

Works By CTC Formaker

The CTC Formaker has unlimited potential, and is very safe and robust and can be upgraded with user components. Without any limits to the machine, we hope we can give our customers the ability to realize any dream.


  • 350 Watt 24 Volt Power Supply
  • Shipping Weight 26Lbs
  • Building Size: 225x145x150mm
  • Laser Power : 3.0 Watts

Included Items:

  • Spool Holder
  • 4GB SD Card
  • 1KG Spool PLA Material
  • Spare Hardware Kit
  • CNC Tooling Bits/Router Bits
  • CNC Motor
  • Laser Cutter
  • Dual 3D Print Head
  • Power Cable
  • USB Cable

Risks and challenges

Zhuhai CTC has been a leader in China for over 5 years. We pride ourselves in High Quality, Precision, Low cost products. We have sold thousands of 3D printers and can accommodate the manufacturing and logistical challenges.

We hope you see our vision, and your dreams becoming a possibility. We have priced this machine to be brought to you at minimal cost. We need this project, to facilitate our distribution and stock levels of the hardware in Formaker. With this projects success we will deliver at the lowest price possible!