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Leading OF international 3D printer company CTC ELECTRONIC, to strengthen the promotion of the exchange  learning  between 3D enthusiasts.
Particular activities 2016 CTC 3D printer youtube video show
Methods specific activities:
1. overview CTC 3D Printer
1) High print quality, easy to install and operate, stable and reliable
2) XYZ axis position accurately, ensures the printing edge more neatly.
3) Operating system compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac.
4)  3D printer Prusa i3can use Educational institution to make models for teaching.
5) Especially suitable for  amateur, artistic design, architectural design, education, 3D photo studio, etc. can be used for  
2. Introduces the main components of the printer and use
3. The printing operation
4. evaluation of the CTC 3D printer
5. To synchronize with the above explanation
6. Send your video upload to YOUTUBE CTR screenshots and your account information to GREENWISHSTAR@HOTMAIL.COM  .
All videos solicitation deadline to August 18th, subject to YOUTUBE click-through rate.
First prize : one person /one FDM 3D printer and two PLA filaments

Second prize: two person/one DIY3D printer and two PLA filaments

Third prize:  five person /two PLA filaments
the top of youtube CTR is first prize ,
 the second and third highest CTR is second prize ,
the fourth to eighth highest CTR is third prize)