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3D Printer dual-nozzle metal case
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$750.00    $850.00
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CTC BIZER Ⅱ Makerbot Replicator 3D Printer dual-nozzle metal case

Model Bizer
Case Material Metal
Input Voltage AC110V-230V
Output Port USB2.0, SD Card
Touch Screen No
Printer Dimesion 320*467*381mm
Buidling Size 225 * 145 * 155mm
Packing size 565 * 430 * 535mm
Layer Accuracy 0.1mm-0.5mm 
Positioning Accuracy XY axis 0.011mm
Input File Types stl, gcode
Extrusion Nozzle Flow About 24cc / hour
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Recommended Nozzle Moving Speed 35-40 mm / s
Print Material ABS or PLA with 1.75mm diameter filament
Drawing Software Rhino3D, Proe, 3dMAX, CAD, UG, Soliwork
Software ReplicatorG or west to CTC Chinese Version
Print Color Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, black, Write, Green , Clear , etc.
Instructions for use:
Frist  step: Install two software  
1. ReplicatorG-0037 2. python-2.65.msi  
(Be available to provide )
Second step : 3D design -> STL Format
Third step : Open ReplicatorG-0037 -> G-code generation ( STL format -> G-code)
-> print

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Company information
Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co.,  Ltd. is the first 3d printer and consumables manufacturer in China. We are located in beautiful-Zhuhai. It's  the hometown of printing consumables.
We provide customers with a full range of multiple products and technical support services.
As far, we have two kind of 3D printers, FDM series and SLA desktop printers.
CTC 3D has strict corporate standards in accordance with the requirements and operations. Good work makes good quality, details make brand.
Stable product quality come from where "Strict supplier selection mechanism + standardized production management process + super strength factory inspection and test, "makes the achievements of the CTC Electronics" stable quality and excellent products.
The major electronics hardware suppliers are the forefront of the global brand, the circuit part of corporate standards are higher than the industry average.
CTC Electronic Technology strictly enforce high standards of production management process.
Each machine is after 12 hours of standard aging test before delivery, which can guarantee the stability of the product to customers.

Accessories for FDM 3d printer
1. 3D printer
2. Power Line
3.USB Date Cable
5.SD card
6.Printer makerbot
7.Hanging material column

Standard package size:  565 * 430 * 535mm/carton, 1set/carton
Gross weight: 15kg/CTN
Volume weight for express: 27kg/CTN

We are a professional 3d printers manufacturer in Zhuhai, and we are the first one company in this area in China.
We have the local warehouse in USA, UK, AU, DE.
For these countries, the goods can be delivered from our local warehouse directly, and 3-5days would be your hands. What's more, the price is including the shipping cost and tax.
For other counrties, the goods will be delivered from Zhuhai directly. If there is any customers around the four countries, the goods also can be delivered from these area.
1 Printing offset, or offset after the screw fastening, please check the printer pulleys, pulley to see whether they are staying in a parallel line.
2 Temperature is displayed 0-1024 improperly, please check the thermocouple connection. 
If the connection is normal, you need to replace the thermocouple.
3 If the Temperature is displayed NA, you need to check the thermocouple connection. 
If the connection is normal, you need to replace the thermocouple.
4 X-axis move is not normal and there is chattering. It is to illustrate X-axis motor line has problems and it needs to replace the X-axis motor cable.
5 LCD blue screen does not display; the boot suddenly restart, the motor does not stop after touching limit switch. Please check the sensor cable. If sensor cable is connected properly, the sensor cable may has a problem.
6 Fan does not run, to make sure the temperature is above 50 degrees and place your hands to dial to see whether it can run. If it still do not run, please reconnect the interface with a screwdriver under examination, or use battery test. If the problem do exists, please replace the fan.
7 Motor does not run. Replacing the motor driver board.
Do not hesitate, please contact us now.
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